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5x1 Fit Meal Plan Cookbook

Joanna Barajas
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Do you need more plant-based meal ideas that you can make on an *easy* Wednesday night?

What is 5 X 1 ?

5 meals, 1 shopping trip!

I made this book after friends requested they needed quick gluten-free and vegan dinner ideas. 

Whether you are a full-time vegan, or just want to eat vegan during the weekdays, this book will give you some quick weekday dinner meals that may just become your new go-to's. 

No fancy ingredients or fancy cooking techniques. Just, tons of veggies!

In this short book, you'll learn how I organize the grocery list to save you time in the grocery store. And, you'll learn some international dishes (family-approved) to add some spice and flair to your meals. 

This meal plan takes the stress out of planning- it’s already been done for you. Grocery list done. Recipes done. 

So, you can start to make 5 healthy meals, with just one trip to the grocery store.

**If you aren't used to eating a big dinner, these recipes are AWESOME for meal prep. So, you can make them ahead and have them ready for lunch!


 "Joanna is always very thoughtful with the flavor she combines. I love how she’s able to see what’s native to the city or in season and incorporates those flavors/foods into the dishes."  – Daryl

"Joanna’s meals are amazing! Fresh, healthy, flavourful. She cooks with a variety of spices and has single handedly made me start buying lentils in hopes that I can make them taste like hers." -Sam

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Grocery List, Meal Plan, and Plant-based recipes for the week

Plant-Based Recipes
For people who work out
Meal Planning
Recipes for the week
Vegan, grain-free, no added sugar
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5x1 Fit Meal Plan Cookbook

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